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Glavine's Potential Options

Yesterday, Tom Glavine opted out of his contract taking three million dollars to be on the open market. This probably means he will return to the Braves but here are his other options. Glavine can still pitch and will probably put up similiar numbers to what he did last season. I expect him to command a one year deal, worth 10-12 million, right around the deal Greg Maddux got. Here are the five teams in order or likeliness that Tom Glavine would go to.

1. Braves
- The Braves are where Glavine grew into the pitcher he is today. He won a World Series there, and now lives in the area. Bobby Cox is still the manager and if he is going anywhere, it would probably be back with his former team.

2. Orioles
- The Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone worked with Glavine to make him a great pitcher. They still have a close relationship, and the Orioles are looking to improve their rotation, and who better than Glavine to work with the young guys and lead the rotation.

3. Nationals
- The Nationals Stan Kasten is a long time friend of Glavine who would love to bring him in to lead the Nationals into a new stadium. He would cost a lot, but he is probably worth it for the young Nats.

4. Red Sox
- The Red Sox are looking to go young and have some guys ready for the rotation, but with Schilling already out the door, who better to replace him then hometown boy and veteran ace Tom Glavine?

5. Cardinals
- The Cardinals are looking to change the face of the organization and may look at Glavine as someone who can lead the transition for youngsters. With Carpenter coming back and Wainwright staying hot, Glavine would only make them all better, and possibly in contention for the division.