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Hall to Tigers?

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Brewers outfielder Bill Hall was a big disappointment this year with his bat and in the field. He struggled in center field and the Brewers would be smart to shop him around. They do have Stocker and Mench, but could easily add a free agent outfielder, perhaps Corey Patterson. Hall, a former shortstop, is already drawing interest from the Tigers as a possible replacement. He has the potential to put up good numbers, and can play a good shortstop. It wouldn't be the Gold Glover he asked for, but he would be good nonetheless. Furthermore, the Tigers would not have to give up as much for Hall because of his down season. Patterson has played in the NL Central before and has experience in that outfield, so it wouldn't be a bad fit. Also, the Brewers could probably get a solid prospect and clear up some cash to make improvements elsewhere. I think it works for both teams right now, considering Hall didn't end the season on the best terms with manager Ned Host. He did hit 14 HR this year, 21 less than he did in 2006.