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Halloween Grumblings

Mets Evaluate Rodriguez: I do not think this is a good move on Minaya's part. The team held the division the whole season but it fell into a slump at the worst time. A-Rod I'm sure would be great, but would they then move Wright to second? What they should be doing is signing or trading for legitimate pitchers to back that rotation. If they do sign A-Rod, they should trade Carlos Delgado and move Wright across the diamond. Yes, Delgado is making a lot of money, but absorbing some of his contract and trading for some prospects would be beneficial.

Chacon To Test Market: Shawn Chacon filed for free agency yesterday, probably ending his time with the Pirates. He was used mostly in relief last season going 5-4 with a 3.94 ERA and 79 K. He has been used as a starter for parts of his career but has been more effective as a long reliever. I think the Pirates would like him back in that role, maybe as a spot starter. If the Pirates are not interested, look to see the Royals, Blue Jays, and maybe the Diamondbacks make a run for him.

LaTroy Hawkins Wants to be Back:
Reliever LaTroy Hawkins, who was thought to have been out of baseball, reemerged and established himself as a big league reliever. Although his option was declined, he had a great year for the Rockies and performed in the playoffs. He is eager to be back with the Rockies, and I expect them to resign him. If he isn't resigned, I expect the Mariners to be interested.

Quirk, Farrell Lead Pack of Candidates: The Pirates can now begin interviewing for managers and it starts with the favorite, Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell. However, if the Red Sox do not give permission to interview or he is not interested, Jamie Quirk, the Rockies bench coach, could take over. Dave Holliday is expected to take over the Farm Director position with the Pirates, making it likely that Quirk might be selected. However, how could you not go with Farrell, who developed such pitchers mechanics as Clay Buchholz, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Hideki Okajima and won a World Series?