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Hot Stove Is Heating Up

Here are a few players that will probably be traded this off season:


Johnny Damon, Yankees
- The Yankees nearly traded the struggling outfielder whose spot has seemed to be taken by emerging star Melky Cabrera. With Bobby Abreu in right and Matsui in left, it makes sense that Damon would be moved and Cabrera would get the everyday role. Damon could move to first base and Giambi in the DH spot but I think the Yankees are looking to get younger and could trade Damon and cash for a couple prospects. He has two years left on his contract making 26 million for the next two seasons.

Teams likely to be interested: Marlins, Phillies, Rangers, Giants, or White Sox.

Dontrelle Willis, Marlins
- Dontrelle Willis might finally be on his way out. He had a bad year, but is set to make a lot of money anyways. The Marlins are not interested in paying both him and Cabrera and with more teams interested in Willis, the Marlins could get a couple more prospects by trading him.

Teams likely to be interested: Dodgers, Phillies, Rockies, Yankees, or Indians.

Josh Barfield, Indians
- The Indians second base position is crowded and young prospect
Asdrubal Cabrera is showing promise and will probably take the position. Second base is the easiest position to fill, and this twenty-four year old still shows promise, and will be sought after.

Teams likely to be interested: Padres, Twins, or White Sox.

Coco Crisp, Red Sox
- Coco struggled in center field but is capable of being a solid lead off man. The main reason they do not have any interest in keeping him is because Jacoby Ellisbury is ready to play everyday and has quickly become a fan favorite. Teams will be looking for a center fielder in this market so it is a good year to shop him.

Teams likely to be interested: Twins, Phillies, or Orioles.


Jacque Jones, Cubs
- Jacque Jones was nearly traded to the Marlins but money prevented that trade from going through. Jones had a great second half but his power numbers are still down. He has one more year left on his contract and if Felix Pie performs in the Winter League, they might stick with him in center field. If anything happens, it will probably go down in Spring Training after they get a better look at Matt Murton as well.

Teams likely to be interested: Padres, Dodgers, Orioles, or Royals.

Edgar Renteria, Braves
- The Braves think very highly of Yunel Escobar and would like to give him the everyday role. Renteria had a great year and could definitely bring in something that could help the Braves, especially because he has one more year on his contract with a club option for 2009. He knows how to get the job done and has playoff experience which benefits any team.

Teams likely to be interested: Cardinals, Tigers, or Giants.

Garrett Atkins, Rockies
- The Rockies payroll continues to climb with Atkins because his salary continues to rise. He has the ability to hit twenty give homeruns and drive in one hundred men which makes him very appealing. He is still young, but will cost you as he gets better. He is a decent fielder and balances out a lineup with lefties and righties. Many teams will be interested if they are willing to trade a capable pitcher with a prospect or two.

Teams likely to be interested: Yankees, Tigers, or Angels.

Jon Garland, White Sox
- The White Sox will finally try to trade him and will probably have suitors that will bite at the offer. Garland won't be a free agent till after the 2008 season and the White Sox would probably have to pick up most of his 12 million dollars to go through with a trade. But Garland has proven he can pitch, and just needs a team with a solid defense and consistent run support.

Teams likely to be interested: Cubs, Cardinals, Rangers, Astros, Padres, Mets, Mariners, or Rockies.

Mark Prior, Cubs
- The Cubs have the option to non-tender Prior but it would make sense for them to tender him and see what they could get on the market. Although they probably can't get much, a low level prospect or two might be worth it. Teams are looking to find pitchers, and several teams would take a chance on him.

Teams likely to be interested: Cardinals, Indians, Mariners, or Rockies.

Honorable mention: Rocco Baldelli, Gerald Laird.


Johan Santana, Twins
- Although Johan Santana will be highly sought after this off season, I think the Twins want to take one more chance at signing him. Also, Torii Hunter will be their main focus until he signs with the Twins or someone else. Santana could make 20 million dollars annually in the free agent market, especially if he puts together another great year like he has in the last several years. I do not doubt that he will be traded at the deadline or tried to sign in the following off season, but I think the Twins still think they have a chance.

Teams likely to be interested: Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Rangers, Angels, Cardinals, Dodgers, Rockies, or Giants.

Rich Aurilia, Giants
- Rich Aurilia is very versatile, and brings a veteran presence which not many players that are available bring. He is thirty-six, and doesn't fit into their future plans, so he will probably be traded. However, his bat is declining and not many teams are willing to overpay for a backup utility infielder.

Teams likely to be interested: Yankees.

Adam Dunn, Reds
- The Reds will probably pick up his option, but could still look to trade him. But why would they? He is a key contributor to their lineup and any team interested would not be interested in trading away several prospects for the strikeout king.

Teams likely to be interested: Nationals.