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Interview with Brandon Hynick

Last week, I emailed Rockies prospect Brandon Hynick to see if he was up for an interview for the site. He was happy to do it and we were finally able to get it done today. Hynick raised some eyebrows in the Rockies organization after his impressive year. He went 16-5 with a 2.52 ERA with 136 K. I do not think many doubt that this player will be with the Rockies in 2008 or 2009, he has great poise on the mound and has the stuff to make it. I want to thank Brandon Hynick for giving me this interview, I really appreciate it.

ELI: How long have you played baseball? Have you always been a pitcher?

BRANDON: I've played baseball since I was 5 and I started pitching when I was fourteen.

ELI: You hit pretty well 2005, why did you pick pitching over being a position player?

BRANDON: I knew I had a better future as a pitcher so once I got to college, it was a pretty easy decision. Plus, I like pitching a lot better than hitting.

ELI: Being a former hitter, do you feel you can out smart hitters because you used to be in those situations?

BRANDON: I think I definitely have an advantage since I am a former hitter. I understand situational hitting pretty well and I can read the swings of hitters to see what they are trying to do in each situation.

ELI: So what was it like getting drafted by the Rockies?

BRANDON: It was very exciting to be drafted by the Rockies. it really didn't matter what team I got drafted by but from what I've heard from other players, it is a good organization.

ELI: You ended last season in Low-A, what did you plan to work on most during the off season?

BRANDON: I actually ended last season in short season A and skipped low A. My plan for last offseason was pretty basic, I just wanted to get stronger and in better shape and make sure my arm was ready for spring training.

ELI: What were the biggest differences in Low-A and High-A?

BRANDON: The biggest differences in short season ball and High-A is that the hitters are a lot more patient and have a better plan going up to the plate. They also capitalize more on your mistakes.

ELI: You put up great numbers this season, did you notice anything working for you more than previous seasons?

BRANDON: I've been learning more and more each year on how to pitch. I've learned how important it is to throw inside and also how important it is to limit walks.

ELI: You struck out 11 in a one run complete game. What were you trying to do differently after you faced their hitters a second and a third time?

BRANDON: In that complete game, 11 K outing, I didn't do anything different really. I just executed my plan for each hitter really well, and I also had my best stuff that day.

ELI: Did you have a favorite player growing up?

BRANDON: My favorite player was always Kenny Lofton, being from Cleveland. He has always been very exciting to watch.

ELI: Do you have a favorite sports movie?

BRANDON: My favorite sports movie has to be Happy Gilmore, its absolutely hilarious.

ELI: Did Matt Holliday touch home plate?

BRANDON: Everyone says Holliday didn't touch home plate but I don't think the replays gave conclusive evidence. Basically, I think it's a possibility that he actually did touch home plate. But hey, it doesn't matter because the Rockies have more than proven that they belong in the World Series.

ELI: If there is one batter in the past that you could pitch to, who would it be?

BRANDON: I want to pitch to Phillip Laurent. He went to Liberty University and he went 9-10 off of me in 2 years, so I want another shot at him.