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Left Off Roster, Tavarez Probably Gone

Seeing the Red Sox leave veteran pitcher Julian Tavarez off the World Series roster is a good sign that they have seen enough from Tavarez, and will probably decline his option. Tavarez, 35, was pretty adamant about starting and I do not think the Red Sox want to put someone making nearly four million in the bullpen. He is not as dominant as he used to be and is probably going to fade a little more coming into 2008. This season, he was 7-11 with a 5.15 ERA and 77 K in 134.2 innings. I think there will be interest in him, but probably at a one year deal, worth 2-3 million dollars. It is possible to see the Diamondbacks go after him for their bullpen or rotation, maybe the Reds as well. Tavarez was on the Cardinals when Baker was managing the Cubs, so we could see Baker lobby for him in his bullpen. Since 1993, Tavarez is 84-70 with a 4.42 ERA with the Indians, Rockies, Cubs, Giants, Cardinals, Pirates, Marlins, and Red Sox-so he has experience playing against most teams.