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Mailbag: Playoff Predictions

Q: Everyone is talking about Ubaldo Jimenez and I was wondering what you thought about him and if you think he will be a stud tonight against the Diamondbacks?

Jeffery, Rocky Mountain

ELI: Although Jimenez has done very well this season and he is the hottest pitcher for the Rockies, I do not think he will be as dominating as he has been. However, Doug Davis is more of a finesse pitcher so I think Jimenez can afford to give up a couple runs, especially if the Rockies come up hitting. This is a much bigger game and he will be nervous, so don't expect a shutout performance.

Q: With the four teams left in the playoffs, who will win?

Chris Ogden, Seattle

ELI: The playoffs are always settled by the team that gets on the best streak. It is rare that you see the best team on paper win the World Series. This year it might happen though with the Red Sox. They are so good and have so many players that have played in the playoffs that I think they will over power a team like the Diamondbacks or Rockies. The Red Sox have good pitching, great hitting, and a pretty solid bullpen. Although these young guys have outplayed a couple veteran teams, they will be going up against the two best teams in the American league I do not know if they can handle it. Again, if the Rockies take it in four it would hard to not pick them to continue the streak against the Sox.

Q: What do you think of the playoff series order: 5-7-7?

Kurt, Montreal

ELI: They have to get it in to work with the off season and Spring Training and everything but I think it should be 7-7-7. With a five game series, there is no room for error, and you do not get to see the teams intangibles which win ballgames. If you see only three starters and the same three lineups, you do not see what they are capable of. A seven game series gives teams a chance to use their whole roster, and work what teams don't usually see.

Q: I saw you mentioned that Schilling should start before Matsuzaka before it was announced. Why did you think that?

Ted, Boston

ELI: The reason I said that was because it would give Matsuzaka, who has complained of a tired arm, a chance to rest an extra day. Also, imagine a two old lead followed by a dominant rookie, it would be hard to come back from that. I also said that with the Diamondbacks. I think they should start Micah Owings in Game 3 so he isn't out of form when he finally does pitch. He is a solid pitcher with a good bat as well and if he is able to win, Livan Hernandez is ready to put the Diamondbacks back on top. We'll see what happens.

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