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Mets Front Office Should Relax

The Mets have a lot of young pitching that could develop into good players, especially behind some of their veterans. Lastings Milledge, Phil Humber, Mike Pelfrey, and more throughout the system that are just a year or two away. They are interested in trading for Johan Santana, but might not have the prospects to acquire him. If they were going to just trade minor leaguers, it would have to be those three, and several others. If the Twins were looking for a solid run producer, the only players they would accept would probably be David Wright or Jose Reyes. Omar Minaya would definitely not trade one of them. The Mets are shaping up to be a force in the NL East with their young guys starting to turn it around. Now they are saying if A-Rod opts out, they would take a look at him too. That doesn't mean they would make an offer, but that they would look into it. It would be foolish to try and shift that whole Mets infield at a time like this. It would also be foolish to try and add thirty-five plus in payroll for the next several seasons. I know the Mets struggled towards the end of this season but it didn't happen because they were bad. Teams go on slumps, and they went on a bad one at the worst time possible. I'm not saying don't try to add either of them. They would be smart to trade for a dominant pitcher in the AL who would only be better in the NL like Santana. But going after A-Rod would be foolish and would effect chemistry in the clubhouse and on the field. Adding Santana alone would make them better. He would give them an extra fifteen wins, at least, and lead that rotation behind John Maine, Pedro Martinez, and Oliver Perez. They will probably make the outfield younger and add a solid young player. There are some available, but they may look through trades. The Cubs do not seem inclined to play Matt Murton everyday and he seems to have what it takes to be an All-Star. He would probably fair well in left field at the bottom end of that lineup. You could then switch Alou back to right, if he stays, or scope the market. The Mets do have money to spend, but not on both A-Rod and Santana. However, the Mets alone could make this off season very exciting.