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Mike Lowell to Dodgers?

According to the MLB Rumors West Coast Correspondent Shane Shapiro, the Dodgers are ready to go after Mike Lowell, assuming he hits the open market. His decision to stay or go is depending on how far the Red Sox go in the playoffs, but they have been eyeing him for a long time. Many, however, are thinking 'What about Andy LaRoche?' According to a source with the Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers think he is not ready for an everyday job because of his poor hitting at the major league level. If Lowell resigns with the Red Sox, the Dodgers would look at Joe Randa, if they can lure him out of retirement, Joe Crede, only if the White Sox are willing to trade him, and possibly Alex Rodriguez, but his big contract is intimidating to the now budget conscience Dodgers. If they still hope LaRoche can make it back the best bet would be Randa, assuming he is still in shape to play. Randa would be a stopgap and could put up decent numbers for a bottom of the order player. He is just 37, and could probably put up a .250 average with 10-12 homeruns and 50 RBIs. Lowell in the Dodgers lineup would put them right back in contention though. Pierre and Furcal at top, followed by Lowell, Kent, and Martin, they would be tough to beat. Especially with Eithier and possibly Kemp trailing as well. I think the Dodgers need to pursue Lowell aggressively because they need to upgrade their pitching as well. If they carry on with Lowell into the Winter Meetings when some of the best pitchers in a weak market are signed, they won't have much to work with coming into Spring Training. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti was able to sign Furcal at a good, short term contract, but long enough for Chin-Lung Hu to develop. I think Colletti knows what it takes to sign a premere free agent like Lowell at the right price where he would sign it immediately.