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Negotiations Heading South?

Carlos Silva, Twins: The Twins offered Carlos Silva a three year deal worth 24 million dollars that Silva turned down. The Twins haven't been the best in contract negotiations in the past, which may lead to another player leaving. They need to settle this fast before it carries on so long that Torii Hunter walks as well. Silva wants a four year deal worth 35-45 million dollars and he could probably get that because his numbers would look really good in the National League, on grass, and if he can work his sinker ball consistently.

David Eckstein, Cardinals: Cardinals GM John Mozeliak says no deal is imminent, and he hasn't had discussions with his agent recently, which suggests that Eckstein will explore the market. The Cardinals probably aren't terribly desperate to retain Eckstein, but would like to have him. They do have Brendan Ryan, who batted .289 with 4 HR and 12 RBI, but La Russa and Eckstein had a good relationship and the coaching staff really liked how versatile Ryan was. I expect the White Sox to be most interested if he hits the open market.

Jose Guillen, Mariners: The Mariners and Guillen have a mutual option it us becoming more and more clear that Guillen will opt out. He had a great year with the Mariners this season and could probably get a multi year deal if he went on the market. He hit .290 with 23 HR and 99 RBI and is just 31, so he could probably command a three or four year deal.

Mariano Rivera, Yankees: According the MLB Rumors East Coast Correspondent Martin Brooks, Mariano Rivera is looking for a three year deal, worth 45 million dollars. I do not think the Yankees will work with that, especially if they invest forty million in Jorge Posada. Interest is up for Rivera, especially from the Phillies, so I do not think he will have trouble finding a job.

Paul Byrd, Indians: The recent reports that Paul Byrd has taken HGH definitely has hurt his chances of the Indians picking up his option. Despite his fourteen wins, MLB and other teams denying that they knew about his use will probably force him out of Cleveland. I do not think Cleveland is completely turned off, but they might want to rework his contract a little bit.