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Power Hitter Tops Angels List

Although Angels owner Arte Moreno has shot down rumors that the Angels will go for Alex Rodriguez, we all know that they are looking for a power hitter. Even if Mike Lowell hits the market, the Angels will look for someone who will hit homeruns and drive in runners. Adrian Beltre has being shopped by the Mariners in previous off seasons and might finally get traded if the Angels are interested. Beltre has twenty-four million dollars left on his contract for the next two years and the Mariners would definitely have to chip in cash to get some young prospects in return. Beltre has batted .321 with 8 HR since 1999 at Angels Stadium. This season, he batted .276 with 26 HR, 99 RBI, and 14 SB in 149 games with the Mariners. Although he made eighteen errors, the Angels are more interested in his bat than his glove. If Adrian Beltre isn't available or the Angels are not able to pull off a trade, they could look to the Orioles and try and pull off a trade for disgruntled shortstop Miguel Tejada, but only if he is willing to switch to third base. He played seven seasons in the AL West and played in 1,552 consecutive games, so there is no doubt that he is reliable. The injury this year was a freak accident that hasn't seemed to effect his swing. He batted .296 with 18 HR and 81 RBI while batting .272 with 8 HR against the Angels in Anaheim throughout his career. Either one would fill the whole at third base and if Brandon Wood appears ready in Spring Training, one could switch to the DH spot. Or they could play Tejada or Beltre and get Wood his at-bats while trying to convert him back to shortstop, that works too. Orlando Cabrera is a free agent after 2008 and could be traded to give Wood the everyday spot. He has played three games at shortstop this season but he is athletic enough to make the switch. Bill Stoneman will definitely shop his players to get a big name bat for his lineup. Whether it is Alex Rodriguez, Adrian Beltre, Miguel Tejada, or Miguel Cabrera, something will go down this off season.