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Rangers Shopping Laird

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the catcher of the future for the Rangers and which suggests that Gerald Laird is now expendable. Laird was not impressive this season with his bat, but did throw out 39.9 % of the players stealing on him. He batted .224 AVG with 9 HR and 47 RBI, so he would make for a solid backup defensively, but I would not count on him as a starter. They could package him for an outfielder or a pitcher with other players, which seems more likely than a one-for-one type deal. The Rangers and Brewers have had pretty good relations when it comes to trades, working the Carlos Lee deal a couple of seasons ago. I think it is possible that Laird along with a pitching prospect or relief pitcher could land Hall, who struggled for the Brewers this season. The Mets, Cubs, Rockies, and Blue Jays I see as other legitimate candidates to land him because they have expendable players in the outfield. The Marlins and A's might also might join the race, but they would be minor trades because they are only looking for an upgrade at catcher. I see a trade happening either in early November, before the frenzy for Torii Hunter begins, or sometime in January as teams look for players to fill spots on their team. Laird is eligible for arbitration and will probably make some where between 500,000-500,500 dollars for 2008, a respectable contract for a budget conscience Marlins or A's.