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Reagins Wants A-Rod

Now that the Bill Stoneman era is over, the Angels are gearing up for a big run at Alex Rodriguez. Tony Reagins has said he has talked with Scott Boras concerning Rodriguez, and plans to talk with him again. The Angels do have money, and will get even more money from the MLB because of their success. According to Buster Olney, the Angels and every other team in the league will receive up to thirty million dollars from the MLB. Other than the Angels, I expect the Giants, Dodgers, and Mets to be interested. If the Angels confirm that they will go after A-Rod, that definitely makes them the front-runner because not only are they in the AL, where he has played his whole career, but they are a solid team who is missing that little piece that puts them above the top. Obviously, Boras will try and sell whatever he can to get more teams interested, and that's why I think this is far from over.