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Red Sox Might Let Lowell Walk

According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox do not plan to offer Mike Lowell a deal longer than two years. This is good thinking by the Red Sox, but Lowell is definitely looking at something for three years, maybe four. Although I think the Red Sox and Lowell will work something out, maybe a two year deal with an option, they could let him walk and go for Alex Rodriguez. The Red Sox do a lot of research on aging players and have made good decisions in the past. They let Pedro Martinez and Johnny Damon walk, and both have struggled with injuries. They also let Derek Lowe leave after he carried them through the World Series, and he has had some off the field issues with the Dodgers and has just one winning season going 40-37 in three years. They could go after Miguel Cabrera if they let him walk. They do have good trade relations with them and are willing to trade a couple prospects to land him.

Mike Lowell does deserve to stay with the Red Sox. He is a good player, even if his numbers drop a little, a leader, and a competitor who gives it all every game. Also, I think the Red Sox would rather sign Lowell to a three year deal, worth 30-40 million dollars than give A-Rod 300 million, and lose their draft pick. They also probably do not want to give to two prospects for a third baseman who is putting on pounds, and will ask for a boatload of money in a couple years. We will see how the playoffs turn out, but I think the Red Sox will sign Lowell to a contract where the Red Sox are in control. Meaning there is a team option, nothing preventing trades, and incentives bringing down the total price.