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Red Sox Timlin Might Be Gone

Probably one of the most consistent relievers sine 1990, Mike Timlin probably pitched his final game with the Red Sox in game four. Timlin is still a great reliever going 2-1 with a 3.42 ERA and 31 K, and pitch in the most stressful situations. But it seems the Red Sox are ready to part ways with him, who has been with the Red Sox for the past five seasons, and look to a younger bullpen. "The whole thing was we thought it was impossible to win because everybody around us thought it was impossible," Timlin said. "There was a negative energy that we had to fight through but once we did, this organization has been storied. I’m blessed to have been part of this organization with the history it’s had and the history we’ve made." I expect some teams to be interested, but only at a one year deal. The teams that come to mind include The Phillies, Cubs, Blue Jays, and maybe the Astros, among others. The Blue Jays might have the inside track because he started his career there, and it is the same division. But Timlin resides in Dallas, and may be more inclined to join the Astros or Rangers.

Will Manny be Manny?: Will Manny be Manny this off season and ask to be traded again? Probably not, but it is possible the Red Sox would trade him to clear up some cash and upgrade defensively. It is safe to assume that Coco Crisp will be traded and I'm sure teams will be interested in Manny if he hits the market. The Angels, Rangers, and maybe the Tigers would be interested, but I expect the Angels would go for him. The Tigers already gave up enough prospects for Renteria, and the Rangers, although they could absorb some of his contract, may not want that distraction in the clubhouse as they try to rebuild.