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Reds Interested In Hawkins?

New Reds manager Dusty Baker is looking for familiar faces in the clubhouse including Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and now LaTroy Hawkins. Hawkins stood behind his manager back in 2004 when the team was struggling, and Dusty really respected him for that. He has traveled around since leaving the Cubs, and although he will be turning 35 in December, he plans to keep playing. The Reds could use his experience in their bullpen, and could probably sign him at a reduced price. Along with Hawkins, the Reds are interested in Kerry Wood and Mark Prior; however, the Cubs are expected to hold on to both. I suspect that if Prior is not healthy in 2008, that they will look to trade him, but Wood has deserved another shot on the Cubs roster. The Reds are looking to retool their pitching staff and that will start by bringing in some proven veterans along with young, developing players. They could make another run at Kyle Lohse, but only if he is interested in returning.