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Report: Mattingly To Be Named Manager

Although I disagree with the idea, the Yankees are leaning towards making Don Mattingly their manager, according to an anonymous source. Mattingly, who was first the Yankees hitting coach before being promoted to bench coach, has learned a lot from Torre, but has never managed a game. I think a better choice would be Tony La Russa or Joe Girardi, but Mattingly is capable of doing the job. When it is all said and done, the Yankees are a team built on getting into the playoffs. Yes, they are slowing down at some positions, but they will get better. I do not think Mattingly will have too much trouble, I just think someone like Girardi or La Russa might handle the players better. Also, by holding on to Mattingly and some of the staff, they might be able to persuade some of the veterans to stay. Personally, I think it is terrible how they handled the Torre situation. Most baseball fans know that in negotiations, an offer is made and than countered on. The Yankees low balled Torre, knowing he would not take it, and cut their ties. If they wanted him back, they would have offered more, and if he declined, maybe they would let him walk then. I just think it is disrespectful to do to the manager who developed some of the players that have made the Yankees what they are today. He might be out of managing for good, but I could see him joining the broadcast booth. However, if the Braves spot does open next season I suspect Braves GM Frank Wren will try hard to bring Torre in, assuming the Cox is ready to hang it up.

"The Yankees are one of thirty teams now:"
Mariano Rivera has decided to test the market. This is a good sign that his career with the Yankees may be over. As for teams interested, I expect the Phillies, Giants, and Orioles, among others, to be interested.