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Riske To Test Market

Royals pitcher David Riske filed for free agency today, and he is set to cash in elsewhere. Riske had a great year for the Royals this season going 1-4 with a 2.45 ERA and 52 K. Not only has Riske not had an ERA over four since 2002, but in 2001 his ERA was 1.98. He is a very consistent pitcher who will probably get a similar deal to what Scott Eyre got. Riske is just 31, and will probably get a three year deal, worth 12 million dollars. I expect the Phillies and Devil Rays to be interested, but see the Phillies coming on top because it seems that after pitching for the Royals, he would love to go to a contender. However, if the Red Sox miss out on some relievers they try to sign initially, Riske would be a great option because of how effective he is, and his experience in the AL makes him attractive to the Red Sox.