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Series Breakdown: Rockies vs. Phillies

Coming into Game 1, all I could say was the Rockies' day off will cool their jets and they will be done in three games. Well, it turns out that they kept going and the Phillies are now done. The Rockies have won 17 of 18 and are now in the NLCS. Who would have thought? Their pitching stayed tough, and their hitting has been more clutch than ever. If Kaz Matsui can continue to contribute like he has with Holliday, Helton, Hawpe, and Atkins trailing, they will be tough to beat. And if they can hold the Phillies, who scored the most runs in the lead, to just eight runs, they will give the Diamondbacks a run for their money. The Rockies played the same consistent baseball they have played all September. On the other hand, the Phillies Charlie Manuel tried to throw a curveball at them, and it didn't break. Instead of using Brett Meyers, a left-handed pitcher, they stuck with J.C. Romero who ultimatley blew the deciding game. Manuel looked a lot better towards the end of the season, but I do not think he should be fired. The Rockies pitched around Rollins, Howard, and Utley and that is the formula. They swung the bats early against their aces, and played like every game was their last. They didn't expect themselves to be in this position, and they will take advantage of it till the very end. Again, the Phillies came into the series thinking they had the upper hand. Who can blame them? Can you name the Rockies five starters? "They are on one of the most amazing streaks I have seen a team have at the end of the season," said Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel to FOXSports writer Ken Rosenthal. So whats next for the Rockies? They have four days off and I think that each day there needs to be some sort of practice. Get down to Arizona early and swing the bats, throw in the outfield, just to stay loose. This could be the end with four days off to their impressive streak. Both teams will be travelling and have the same amount of time off but the Dbacks are definitely the better team. They have to go with Francis in game one and pick up Webb early. If you can get someone on base, do everything possible to advance him. The Diamondbacks turned a lot of double plays this season and have the pitchers to do it again. What's next for the Phillies? First, the Phillies must resign Charlie Manuel. He sent the team on a late season surge and kept them going in the heart of the summer. Joe Torre will probably become available but I doubt he would go to Philadelphia. They need to improve their pitching and determine whether or not to offer Rowand a contract. From there, they can once again determine if they want to hold on to Pat Burrell or not. I expect the Phillies to be very busy this off season, and it starts right now because their impressive run is now over.