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Stoneman Out, Reagins In

Angels General Manager Bill Stoneman is stepping down and moving to a consultant role, according to It is believed that Tony Reagins, now director of player development will assume the role. It seems that the new wave of GM's come from a background of player development and know where the solid prospects are in each organization. Stoneman will be best remembered for building a a World Series champion in 2002, signing Vlad Guerrero and bringing in Bartolo Colon. He has found several young players including Francisco Rodriguez, John Lackey, Howie Kendrick, among others; but failed to make a big off season splash in back to back off seasons which is a rough ending to an impressive run. Some minor moves that turned out bad were letting Bobby Jenks get away in 2004, and mediocre draft picks over the past couple years which could have lead to a mutual position change. However, he did lead to a World Series victory in 2002 so you can't say his whole tenure was bad. Nonetheless, Stoneman will help and observe Reagins in his first season as GM.