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Tigers Have List Of Outfielders

The Tigers have made it known they are looking for a left handed bat, preferably one with one year left on his contract. Raul Ibanez was a force with the Mariners batting .291 with 21 HR and 105 RBI, but his defense has diminished some so they will not be able to get as much. The Mariners would rather trade Sexson, but no one is too interested in him because of his poor numbers. The Mariners want pitching, and would probably be able to acquire someone like Nate Robertson. But if the Tigers are not able to acquire Ibanez, who would they go to? Jacque Jones of the Cubs is in the final year of his contract and would attract the Tigers, especially if they throw in Will Ohman, who they wanted earlier. They wouldn't get much in return, maybe a minor leaguer or two, or cash. Other names that come to mind are Scott Podsednik, Jim Edmonds, or Kevin Mench. The reason they are looking for a one year stopgap like this is so they can ease Cameron Maybin into the starting role in 2009. A one year rental like Ibanez, Jones, or Edmonds would not be bad, especially because you could trade them at the deadline if Maybin appears ready. The Tigers might be more inclined to trade for more of an offensive type player rather than defense because Granderson roams the outfield very well.