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Top 50 Free Agents: 11-20

11. Adam Dunn, Reds

Although Dunn won’t be with the Reds till the end of Spring Training, they will still exercise his contract and give him one more year with the team. He does strikeout a lot, but his bat in the middle of that lineup makes them a lot better. He will be with the Reds at least for 2008, probably beyond that.

Prediction: Reds

12. Corey Patterson, Orioles

Corey Patterson does not seem like an All Star but is definitely contributing. He has done great in a low market town and both the Orioles and he would like to see that continue. However, teams would love to have his speed in their lineup, and I think he is curious to test the market. It would probably take a four year deal, worth 35-45 million dollars to sign him, 50 at the most if the market continues to soar.

Prediction: Orioles

13. Andy Pettitte, Yankees

A lot depends on what his other teammates do, but I think Pettitte will exercise his 16 million dollar option. He had a great year for the Yankees and could do it again without question. Also, he would be smart to wait for a year with better pitching available, like next season where he could make more money.

Prediction: Yankees

14. Mike Cameron, Padres

Cameron struggled some with the Padres but I am sure there will be interest. His hometown team, the Braves, are looking for an outfielder and they could take him for two or three years. That would give time for younger prospects to develop while giving them a good power bat in the middle of their order.

Prediction: Braves

15. Mariano Rivera, Yankees

Mariano Rivera is hurt by Joe Torre’s departure. He understands baseball, which makes me think he might stay, but Rivera looked to Torre as a father figure and he may decide to leave the Yankees behind and walk. He knows he would do better in the NL, would keep a closer spot, and have a couple extra years. I do not think the Steinbrenner’s would hesitate pulling him if he struggled, and I think Rivera needs some security.

Prediction: Yankees [updated 10/30-changed from Phillies]

16. Kosuke Fukudome, Japan

Fukudome will cause craze like Matsuzaka did, but since he is coming off surgery, his expectations might not be as high. I do expect a lot of teams to be interested, and since he does not have a posting fee, he could be signed without any warning. Kevin Towers will be looking for an outfielder and has his eyes on Fukudome, who he eyed back in high school (see interview). However, the Yankees may trade Melky Cabrera and prospects for Miguel Cabrera to fill the need at third base, and sign Fukudome to play outfield. Kei Igawa, who is from Japan, is with the team, along with Taiwanese Chien-Ming Wang, who he may find connections with.

Prediction: Yankees

17. Eric Gagne, Red Sox

I said earlier in the year that Gagne should be let go by the Red Sox and I believe that they will let him walk. He struggled with the Sox and I think it was because he was in a town like Boston, where baseball is the main sport. The Reds struggled in relief and might look to add him. The Giants who watched him pitch for the Dodgers might also look to sign him. I think there will be interest for him, but it will be a reduced price.

Prediction: Giants

18. Carlos Silva, Twins

Silva had a great year for the Twins and is probably going to go out and cash in. The Phillies, Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, Padres, and Mets are interested, but might drop out depending on how much he is looking for. The Cubs are looking to add another pitcher and if they can put together something between Lilly and Marquis, it is possible. The Braves seem the most likely, but if the Cubs can settle the ownership thing, they are my front runner.

Prediction: Phillies

19. Jose Guillen, Mariners

The Mariners would have to do a lot fast if they want to keep Guillen, who has a mutual option. They want to play Adam Jones but must make room for him. If they can trade Richie Sexson and move Ibanez to first base, they could keep Guillen and Jones, but that seems unlikely because Sexson has lost something in his swing. He wants a multi-year deal and could get one with Adam Katz as his agent.

Prediction: Mets

20. Milton Bradley, Padres

Milton Bradley ended the year in dramatic fashion but I think the Padres would like him back. He showed good power and had respect from his coaches and teammates, which many in the Front Office like. He did a good job in left field too, and adding a center fielder like Fukudome would make their lineup pretty good.

Prediction: Padres