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Torre, Mattingly to Dodgers?

Would the Dodgers fire Grady Little and his staff and bring in Joe Torre and Don Mattingly? If he does, Mattingly would probably bolt after one year for another managerial job, but it would be great to bring in that winning mentality for the team. There are a few players on the Dodgers that have either played for Torre, or played around in him, like in the same league. There is a lot of youth on the Dodgers and Torre could really be a father figure for them as they work their way into the league. He did this with Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and especially Alfonso Soriano, and I think Frank McCourt, a good friend of Torre's, sees the effect he could have on his players. Also, by bringing in both coaches, it is possible that Alex Rodriguez would want to play in LA, and would take a reduced price. Little is no longer suited to handle the Dodgers, and his departure this off season seems inevitable. I expect something will be accomplished in early November so he can prep and recruit players by the Winter Meetings.

Hunter to file for free agency soon?: Twins outfielder Torii Hunter is leaning towards filing for free agency, MLB Rumors correspondent Steve Wilson has learned. It would makes sense. It seems the Twins are not willing to pay him what he thinks he is worth and will test the market. An announcement is expected tomorrow or Wednesday, but it seems it will happen soon.