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Where Will Koskie Wind Up?

The Brewers declined Corey Koskie's 6.5 million dollar option making him a free agent. He last played in 2006, where in 76 games, he hit .261 with 12 HR and 33 RBI. He was suffering from a post concussion syndrome that sidelined him the whole year, but he has been cleared to play, and wants to play if the right opportunity presents itself. The Twins might go after him, but probably a non guaranteed deal with an invitation to Spring Training. His numbers haven't been impressive in several years, but taking a low risk can never hurt. Koskie is a leader and has a presence in the clubhouse, so he could mentor young players, and come off the bench for situational hitting. Other teams I suspect will be interested are the Giants, Phillies, Angels, White Sox, Tigers, and maybe the Yankees or Red Sox, but only at a minor league deal.