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White Sox Need Passionate Players

The White Sox surprisingly finished in the bottom half of their division after key players Jermaine Dye, A.J. Pierzynski, and Jose Contreras got off to slow starts. But I do not think it was an off year for certain players that caused their problems. What the White Sox are lacking are true, passionate players. Rarely do the you see White Sox players legging out a double, or scoring from first base. It is mostly station to station baseball. They need a player who will get on base, steal some bases, and run everything out; players that come to play every single day and bring up the clubhouse morale on their own. Players like David Eckstein and Aaron Rowand come to mind, both being courted by the Sox. Kenny Williams would be very smart to sign these players because it would give them speed at the top of the order, more power in the middle, and a solid glove in the infield and a reckless outfielder and former White Sox in Rowand. Rowand rarely lets a ball get away from him, running into walls and diving for just about everything. It would probably cost them about 70-75 dollars for both in total salary, but it would be worth it nonetheless. You can expect Rowand to cost 4-5 years worth 50 million dollars while Eckstein would be 3-4 years worth about 20-25 million dollars. Rowand batted .309 with 27 HR and 89 RBI with 6 SB while Eckstein batted .309 with 3 HR and 31 RBI with 10 SB. You can assume that the White Sox will let Juan Uribe walk unless Eckstein resigns with the Cardinals. Putting those numbers in their lineup would make them better and probably put them back in the hunt for the division. If Aaron Rowand signs elsewhere, it is possible to see the White Sox approach the Devil Rays about Rocco Baldelli, who seems to be the odd man out in the Tampa Bay outfield. A couple prospects or proven pitcher would be able to land Baldelli, who has had good success in Chicago batting .414 with 3 HR since 2003. Kenny Williams will probably figure out what he will do with the young guys because one will be without a position if Rowand is signed. Whether it is Josh Fields or Jerry Owens or maybe even Joe Crede without a job, time will tell whether or not Williams trust his young players or is looking for an instance upgrade.