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Why Royals Will Not Sign Rowand

There has been speculation that the Royals will make a run at former Royal killer Aaron Rowand. I am sure many Royal fans would be excited to hear a career .331 hitter with 6 HR and 18 RBI at Kaufman Stadium would be joining the Royals, but do not get your hopes up. The initial asking price is for eighty-four million dollars over six years, so you can expect that to jump up to one-hundred million for six years, basically what Carlos Lee got. The Royals would love to have him, but have Gil Meche on their payroll and seem to prefer veterans and young players from their system. So, former number one pick Luke Hochevar will start for the Royals next season along with Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Brian Bannister, and others. Yes, they are a long way from being one of those kinds of teams but signing someone like Rowand would not make a big difference. They would be better off going after someone like Kenny Lofton to teach these guys a thing or two and give him an everyday job. He would be cheaper and it would allow them to go with him in 2009 or pull someone from their system to take the spot. Chris Lubanski will probably be at Triple-A next season so bringing in Lofton would hold him back another year. He could use a full year at that level so it would be good for the Royals. Also, P Rowdy Hardy and Billy Buckner seem on their way so hopefully the team can bond and turn into a true contender in the AL Central by 2010. I think Rowand is a great player, but it would be a step in the wrong direction for the Royals financially. The team should look to replace Dayton Moore with a GM whose focus is on Player Development so they can focus on that more. I recommend Oneri Fleita, who has found great players all around the country, but he seems like the next in line to replace Jim Hendry of the Cubs.