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Yankees Will Keep Torre

Joe Torre will likely stay Yankees manager because the Yankees are taking so long to make a decision on what to do with him. They realize that no is better for the job than him, and holding on to him is better for the team, even if Steinbrenner doesn't like their playoff performance. Although Don Mattingly has been with the Yankees for a long time, I do not think he is ready to handle managing a big time team like this. If I were them, I would like to see him manage at the Triple-A level rather than just giving him a job with no experience. Or Mattingly would be better off walking and managing a team like the Reds or Royals to get some experience under his belt. He could then return to New York and take over the team if the job is open after sometime as a manager. Girardi has experience and has a close relationship with some of his former teammates while Tony La Russa has been managing for over a decade. Steinbrenner will listen to other peoples opinions and would be better off listening to some of his assistants who are more in tune with the organization who understand what they need. Joe Torre will stay as manager which means they might lose both Joe Girardi and Don Mattingly, but having Torre is better for his players who have only been managed by him in their career.