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Brewers Looking For Center fielders?

The Brewers put in a call to Scott Boras seeing what Andruw Jones would cost for 2008. Unfortunately for Brewers fans, they will not pursue him: "I didn't get the sense we could get something done," said Melvin. But now that we know they are looking for an outfielder who can produce, and here is a list of players they might go after:

Corey Patterson, Orioles

Stats: .269 AVG, 8 HR, 45 RBI, 37 SB
- Although he did not put up the best numbers, he has speed and experience in the National League Central. Now that he is a more experienced as a ball player, he would probably put up pretty decent numbers at Miller Park. Bringing in him would allow them to move Bill Hall to left field, and would also give them an option at lead off, or lower in the lineup. For Patterson, you are probably looking at a three to four year deal worth 6-8 million annually.

Mike Cameron, Padres
Stats: .242 AVG, 21 HR, 78 RBI, 18 SB
- Mike Cameron is 35, and put up decent power numbers but did not have the best average. He is not expected to return to the Padres so he will be looking for work. The Rangers have shown interest but maybe the Brewers would too. He would also be a good option in center field. His experience and success at Miller Park should turn into good numbers in the NL Central. In eleven games, he has batted .343 with 4 HR. I see him looking at a two to three year deal worth 7-10 million dollars annually.

Other options include Alexei Ramirez, Milton Bradley, and Brad Wilkerson. However, they do have Kevin Mench and Tony Gwynn, and both would make for a nice platoon in the outfield if all else fails.