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Broussard Likely Heading To Texas

The Rangers and Mariners talked about a trade that would send Ben Broussard to the Rangers. However, there was growing speculation among members of the Rangers that the Mariners will non-tender Broussard, making him a free agent. If this happens, you can expect the Rangers to jump in on negotiations. The Rangers are in need of a first baseman and could platoon Broussard at first with Catalanotto if he struggles. He did hit .275 with 7 HR in 99 games last season, but has shown decent power when able to play everyday. Another option would be Richie Sexson, but only if the Mariners would take Vicente Padilla. It would simply be bad contract for bad contract hoping the players could turn out to have good years. Then that would put Sexson at first and Saltalamacchia back at catcher. We will know more in December when the Mariners determine the future of Broussard.