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Buchholz On Track, Schilling Out?

It appears Red Sox prospect Clay Buchholz is getting back on track, and is now on a designed off season plan to get him ready for Spring Training. Could this mean the Red Sox will let him walk and pursue other options, maybe upgrades in the bullpen? Probably, Schilling is likely heading to the National League after several teams contacted him about jobs in 2008. I think only a couple teams from his list are compatible with Schilling, and I will now tell you why:

Cleveland Indians:
The Indians have a solid core of players that are only getting better. However, their pitching is pretty good, but they are still looking for upgrades at the bottom half. It does not make sense to go after Schilling, who will only be with the team for one year. They are better off going after Kyle Lohse or Livan Hernandez.

Detroit Tigers: The Tigers are also not a great option for Schilling. Schilling has little experience in Detroit pitching in just two games, going 0-1 with a 6.43 ERA. The Tigers are right in the middle when it comes to fielding in the league, but the amount of money Schilling wants and the other needs of the Tigers, it just does not make sense. And now with Zumaya out, the Tigers are probably going to have to overpay to keep Todd Jones.

Anaheim Angels:
If the Angels are looking to go after Alex Rodriguez, there is simply no room for Curt Schilling. The Angels could probably support Schilling runs wise, but Reagins is a new GM who is looking to make a big splash, and it seems he sees that in Rodriguez.

New York Mets: The Mets would not be a bad spot for Schilling, but the Mets seem more interested in adding a younger player. The Mets have good offensive numbers, their bullpen seems pretty solid and getting better, and Schilling's numbers will look better in the NL. Not only that, but Schilling is 4-2 with a 3.05 ERA at Shea Stadium, and has had success against the other NL East teams.

Philadelphia Phillies:
Another great match, probably the best among the National League teams. He played in Philadelphia from 1992 to 1999, and had success there. The Phillies are a great team who are desperate for pitching, and are determined to upgrade. They made the playoffs and have one of the best infields in the game, and are looking to get better there as well. Schilling would be great behind some of their young guys because of his ability to keep the ball down and outsmart hitters.

Atlanta Braves: The Braves are going after Tom Glavine, not Curt Schilling. Glavine is a soft-spoken leader who will go out and pitch and help the team, along with the younger players. Schilling is more out-spoken and may be a distraction in the clubhouse. Frank Wren is on better terms with Glavine, and prefers to bring him in for one year.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers would not be bad because they are looking for pitching, but may look to someone younger and more durable. Also, if they are looking to add a big name outfielder or third baseman named Alex Rodriguez, they do not have room for him.

San Diego Padres: The Padres are also looking for pitching, but must settle their problems in the outfield and at second base. They have Greg Maddux, and I think that is the only forty year old they want.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Probably the most likely out of the NL West teams because he pitched there. The Diamondbacks will probably lose Livan Hernandez, and bringing in Schilling to help lead the rotation would be great for one year, especially if they can repeat and get into the playoffs.

Chicago Cubs:
The Cubs have said they will look into signing Schilling, but only if they can trade Jason Marquis. I do not doubt they can trade Marquis, but they have needs that need to be address before pitching. Nonetheless, he would be a great mentor to pitcher Carlos Zambrano, and could definitely work with some of the younger guys who the Cubs will see next season.

St. Louis Cardinals:
The Cardinals have expressed interest and will probably make an offer as soon as he is available. They do not have much through trades because their system is so depleted, but could go after someone like Kyle Lohse or Carlos Silva. They also need to address other situations at third and the outfield.

Milwaukee Brewers:
The Brewers are also the final team on his list and if the Brewers make a strong push for him, I think Schilling might bite. They have a solid group of players that fell apart because of lack of experience. Also, by having Schilling, they have a strong negotiating chip in talks with Francisco Cordero. Furthermore, Schilling could mentor young pitchers Yovani Gallardo and Manny Para.

The Astros also contacted Schilling but I doubt Schilling wants to return. The team is in a funk right now and need some big upgrades to improve.