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Cordero Suitors Growing?

Brewers closer Francisco Cordero is likely heading to the market. There have been no indications that they are nearing a deal, and many teams are meeting with his agent stating their interest. Cordero was 0-4 with a 2.98 ERA and 44 SV this season for the Brewers, his best year since the 2004 season with the Rangers. Many teams have said they would love to make him their closer, but no appears to be the front runner. The Phillies, Astros, Cubs, Tigers, and Rangers are interested in Cordero, and he would like to see the offer they will make before talking again with the Brewers. The Cubs plan to move Ryan Dempster into the rotation and if they are happy with Marmol and Howry as the late inning relievers, they could make a run at Cordero for their closer. The Phillies, who are desperate for pitching, plan to make a strong bid for him next week while the Tigers have already held discussions with his agent. As of right now, I think Cordero will return, but his interest in exploring the market makes me think he might walk too. We will know more next week but for now, my guy is he will resign.

White Sox Sign Uribe:
The Chicago White Sox resigned Juan Uribe to a one year deal worth 4.5 million dollars. A little surprising, considering the interest in David Eckstein, which was genuine. Uribe had 20 HR but batted .240. We'll see if he can adjust. Next season, Rafael Furcal is available, Edgar Renteria might be available, so there are proven options for next season if he struggles.