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Glavine Nears Deal With Braves

According to multiple sources, Tom Glavine and the Braves are nearing a one year deal worth 9-10 million dollars. According to MLB Rumors Correspondent Brady Yu, the Braves initial offer was for seven million, and Glavine then countered with this new deal. Obviously, Glavine wants to get this done before Thanksgiving, and I wouldn't be surprised if something gets done today or tomorrow. Glavine was 13-8 this season with a 4.45 ERA and 89 K but played for the Braves for fifteen years and makes his home in Atlanta. It is definitely a perfect fit for both sides because Glavine can now finish his career full circle while the Braves get a solid veteran who will fit nicely into the rotation with longtime friend John Smoltz. If this contract falls through, the Phillies and Nationals are also showing interest.