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Jays After Clemens?

The Toronto Blue Jays are seriously considering making a run for Roger Clemens, according to the Metro News Canada. Clemens, who pitched for the Blue Jays in 1997 and 1998, has said he would pitch if the right opportunity approached him, and I'm not sure the Blue Jays are that fit. Clemens fought off some leg problems this season and I think they would be taking a risk by bringing him in. Not only are they weak at the plate, but their bullpen was inconsistent at times, and they are playing in a division which is getting a lot better. He is slated to work with the Astros as a consultant and I think he would be wise to just call it a career. For now, it is just a rumor. I doubt that the Blue Jays would look to Clemens as a "must-sign," maybe as a fallback if all else fails.

Cubs trade another outfielder: The Cubs are making more room on their roster by trading Craig Monroe to the Twins for a minor league prospect. To me, this says the Twins are now behind Torii Hunter, but we will see what happens this week.