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Lincecum to Devil Rays?

The Giants are ready to field offers for their young pitchers, and in return, are looking for a center fielder. The newly named Devil Rays, now Rays, are the perfect fit because they have a crowded, yet capable outfield, and are looking for pitching. It is possible we could see Tim Lincecum traded to the Rays for Carl Crawford. Lincecum, 23, was 7-5 with a 4.00 ERA and 150 K while Crawford batted .315 with 11 HR, 80 RBI, and 50 SB. The Giants may look for an outfielder with more power, maybe Nick Markakis, but that is unlikely. Crawford is a career .296 hitter whose OBP comes out to .331 over six seasons with the Devil Rays. Not only that, but it would be an inexpensive trade and would allow them to still go after Alex Rodriguez. I know most Giants fans are probably against this, but this is definitely the right move. Lincecum was very inconsistent and put up a lot of walks every time he went out. Not only that, but you have Zito, Cain, Lowry, Correia, and probably a free agent in a rotation now backed by Crawford, who will provide more scoring opportunities batting at the top of the order, especially if they sign Rodriguez. I do not see this happening at the GM Meetings this week, but probably around the Winter Meetings.