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Marlins Finding Cheap Replacements

The Marlins are looking to improve their pitching and defense, and it starts with picking up veterans coming off poor years. Aaron Boone, who played some third base for the Marlins last season, batted .286 with 5 HR and 28 RBI in 69 games. He is coming off a knee injury, and would probably get a one year, incentive laden contract. Another player like that is pitcher Mike Maroth, who was 5-7 with a 6.89 ERA in 27 games with the Tigers and Cardinals. He really struggled in the National League which makes me think he might get a one year deal, with guaranteed money. He has talked with the Nationals, and will probably receive two million annually. I think it is smart to look for these type of veterans, but trading away all your studs would only put them a step back. Trading one would do the trick, not all three. Not really a cheap upgrade, but the Marlins are looking into bringing in either Michael Barrett, Yorvit Torrealba, or Paul Lo Duca. All three are drawing a lot of interest and their price will probably rise. All three are good options, and I'm sure they will land one. I think a lot starts with whether or not they can trade Miguel Cabrera. I'm sure they plan to trade Cabrera before they have to offer him arbitration, and also before the peak of the free agent signings so they can upgrade as well.

According to MLB Rumors Correspondent Thomas Reiss, the Marlins are also looking at Cliff Floyd, and have been in contact with his agent. I'm sure he would command a one year deal, worth 3-4 million dollars. That is a hefty price on the cheap Marlins, but if they can get Floyd to take a discount, he might be a good fit. He believes that the Twins have contacted Floyd about their DH spot, but it has not been confirmed yet.