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Mets Interested In Jennings

The Mets are among many teams that have asked about Jason Jennings, and it seems that the interest in genuine. The Mets will probably lose Tom Glavine and with Pedro Martinez's health in question, it makes sense to add another pitcher. Mike Pelfrey and Phillip Humber cannot be the backbone of their rotation, so adding a veteran like Jennings would definitely help their cause. Look what they did in 2006, they added Oliver Perez and Orlando Hernandez mid-season after both of them struggled and then they helped push the Mets through the playoffs. In 2007, they helped the Mets by combining to go 24-15 with a 3.64 ERA. Jennings struggled this year with the Astros going 2-9 with a 6.45 ERA and 71 K. But by adding another pitcher like Jennings or Livan Hernandez, it allows them to trade a package of players including Mike Pelfrey in order to land a big time player. He has also drawn interest from the Rockies, Cardinals, and Orioles, but I expect him to go to a potential contender.