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Pirates To Keep Izturis, Sign Wilson?

It appears that the Pirates will look to trade Jack Wilson, a move that would allow them to resign Cesar Izturis. Personally, I do not understand the move. Yes, you might be able to acquire some solid prospects in a trade, but why trade away his above average production? Also, Izturis hasn't proved to anyone that he can return from injury which sidelined him 2005 and 2006. He also has had only one good year, and is no longer a running threat. I'm not sure where Izturis will end up, but it should not be the Pirates. In other news, the Pirates are looking into signing Craig Wilson as a bench player. Wilson was traded in 2006 to the Yankees and last year he spent time with the Braves. Bringing him back would be a good move, I think. It is where he is most comfortable and where his most productive years were. He would take a low-based contract, and could turn out to help the team.

Instant Replay Talk: The five teams that voted against it were the Reds, Cubs, Brewers, Astros, and Twins. Interesting that four teams come from the NL Central. Thoughts?