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Schilling Likely Heading to NL

Today, through his blog, Curt Schilling released a list a teams that he would be interested in going to if he were to hit the open market. And because it is the first time he is eligible for free agency in his career, I expect him to test the waters. He listed the following teams in this order: Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, New York Mets, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A., S.D., Arizona, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis, Milwaukee. Now do not read to much into that-he simply went up and down the divisions listing the teams. I think that Schilling has proved he can pitch in the AL, but because he can manage his pitches so well, it makes sense that he would go to the NL to finish on a high note. As for teams in the NL, many think the Cubs would be a good fit, but they will not shell out 12 million dollars for one year. The Cardinals seem like a great fit here for Schilling, but they might take the trade route this off season for someone like Jon Garland. We know the Phillies interest here as well, but I think the Giants may have the advantage if they are interested in bring him in. Not only do they have young pitching that Schilling could work with and mentor but he could be slotted between Zito and Cain, which would make them a much better team pitching wise. Not only that, but the parks dimensions favor his mechanics and that could lure him there too. Although he has experience in the NL West, the only reason I would see him go there is if the Giants brought in someone like Andruw Jones or Alex Rodriguez. Then, it would put the Giants right back on the map in the NL West and in the hunt for the division. Schilling, who represents himself, will hype this up a lot over the next couple weeks so it will be hard to say where he will end up. For now, I think his heart is still in Boston and he will probably end up staying there.