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Silva Will Go To Highest Bidder

According to MLB Rumors correspondent Brady Yu, Carlos Silva is done with the Twins. The Twins were not interested in going past 25 million dollars for three years, and stopped at a deal similar to what Jason Marquis got. Silva is looking for a four year deal worth 40 million dollars, and will probably get something close to that because the week free agent market makes him one of the best available. Silva was 13-14 this season with a 4.19 ERA, but has the potential to put up better numbers. I saw him pitch in Minnesota this season and he had solid downward movement on his pitches, and worked the count very nicely. I think he would be great for a team like the Phillies, but I do not see the Phillies looking to add someone for that much money. Right now, the Mariners seem desperate for pitching and might throw eleven million annually to bring him in. After them, I'm sure the Padres will jump in, along with the White Sox, Royals, and Braves, among others. Free agent signing starts tomorrow and I'm sure he will sign once the highest bidder establishes their interest.