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Third Base Options For Dodgers

The Dodgers are exploring the market for a third baseman, but are having some problems. Here is a list of five players they should consider:

1. Miguel Cabrera, Marlins
The Marlins are very interested in trading with the Dodgers because they have so many prospects, but the Dodgers do not feel it is worth it. Maybe if the Marlins take a step back in their asking price, they would continue, but it seems he might end up staying in Miami.

2. Mike Lowell, Red Sox
They have joined the race for Mike Lowell but seem to be a long shot. Lowell has played his whole career on the East Coast and does not plan to move. He has won two World Series, and is smart enough to know that a move to the West Coast, where pitching is better and stadiums tend to favor pitchers, would only hurt his numbers.

3. Hank Blalock, Rangers
Blalock only played in 59 games but showed good power. He would be a good option in LA because he would not cost as much, maybe a prospect or two. He will be 27 on the 21st, and is pretty versatile around the infield. He was born in San Diego, and returning to the West Coast might be something he prefers.

4. Chone Figgins, Angels
If the Angels are serious about Miguel Cabrera, it makes Chone Figgins expendable, unless they want to play him at second. However, they have been looking to trade Figgins for awhile now and might be able to land some solid prospects now that he is coming off a good year. But, if they trade Kendrick I think they will stick with Figgins at second.

5. Edwin Encarnacion, Reds
Encarnacion had a slight attitude problem back in April, but turned it around and put out a pretty good year. It would cost them prospects because the Reds are known for having a pretty steep asking price, but if they really want someone ready, that is what it takes.

Honorable Mention: Joe Crede and Melvin Mora.

What all makes sense: With Joe Torre as manager, he should try and give the job to Andy LaRoche and platoon him Nomar Garciaparra, or another veteran third baseman. LaRoche has been tearing up the ball in Fall Ball, and only got his feet wet last year.