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Tigers Acquire Jacque Jones

The Tigers have traded Omar Infante to the Chicago Cubs for Jacque Jones and cash. "Our scouts really like him and how he fits because he's a left-handed hitter that can play all three spots in the outfield," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said in a telephone interview. "But I think it was a great trade for both teams because Infante can really help a National League team because he can play short, second, third and in the outfield." Jones gives the Tigers a left handed outfielder, while the Cubs get another versatile player. Jones has one year left on his contract and is probably giving Cameron Maybin an extra year to get ready. This was a great move for the Tigers, who acquire someone who played in the division for several years. He is probably comfortable in the outfield, and familiar with some of the pitchers. The Cubs were expected to trade Jones because he struggled so much this season, despite hitting .285 with 5 HR and 66 RBI. He had an excellent second half, even after nearly being traded to the Marlins. The Cubs plan to go after Kaz Matsui if he hits the market, but plan to give equal playing time to both DeRosa and Matsui. DeRosa and Matsui can alternate, while DeRosa can also play first, third, and the outfield. The Cubs also plan to look at Kosuke Fukudome, who is now a free agent, while the Tigers look to help their pitching, after filling needs at shortstop and now the outfield.

Tigers resign Jones: The Tigers have resigned Todd Jones to a one year deal worth 7 million dollars, a source close to negotiations has told me. This will probably be his last year with the club, who hope to give the closer role to Joel Zumaya, who will be out till July.