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Top 50 Free Agents: 31-40

31. Kyle Lohse, Phillies

Lohse did not exactly have an amazing year, but it was good enough to be drawing considerable interest. He was 9-12 with a 4.62 ERA and 122 K, and is expected to stay in the NL, upon requests from his agent Scott Boras. The Cubs and Diamondbacks are on good terms with Lohse, but if the price is right in Philadelphia, expect him to stay there.

Prediction: Phillies

32. Shannon Stewart, Athletics

Stewart was solid for the Athletics this season and deserves another chance to play everyday. He is a veteran and is just thirty-three, so I expect a two year deal, worth 2-3 million annually.

Prediction: Athletics

33. Kerry Wood, Cubs

Wood turned it around this year for the Cubs and is now a free agent. Despite a lot of interest generating from around the league, he has said he feels he owes something to the Cubs fans and I think he will stay, assuming the Cubs want him here.

Prediction: Cubs

34. Paul Lo Duca, Mets

Lo Duca will probably not be signed by the Mets as the Mets look for a catcher elsewhere. Lo Duca is still decent defensively and offensively, and I think he is better off with a young team like the Marlins. I expect the Padres to be players too, but they seem more interested in Kendall.

Prediction: Mets

35. Todd Jones, Tigers

With the reports that Joel Zumaya will be out for most of the 2008 season, it makes it more likely that they will bring Jones back for one more year. Zumaya has not overwhelmed anyone yet to hold the spot for him until he returns, so bringing back Jones makes sense so no pressure is on Zumaya to return.

Prediction: Tigers

36. Shawn Green, Mets

Shawn Green has said he is interested in returning to the Mets, but prefers to play on the West Coast. The Mets will definitely be looking for upgrades on the market, but will keep Green in their cards. I think Green will suit some teams on the West, but not a lot of them. I only see the Athletics, Rockies, and Padres as the likely destinations for Green, but the Rockies and Padres have not shown any interest. I see the Athletics as the most likely because the Rockies and Padres are looking at younger upgrades, but who knows if the A’s are really interested. It is possible to see his former team, the Blue Jays go after him.

Prediction: Blue Jays

37. Alexei Ramirez, Cuba

Ramirez is shaping up to be a favorite of the Braves now that Mike Cameron has been suspended for using illegal stimulants. Although the Braves have young outfielders waiting in the wings, Ramirez is a utility player who would switch to second base. Kelly Johnson looks like a likely trading chip down the road, opening the spot up for him if he does well. Ramirez will be cheap, and probably would prefer the Braves because there are two Cuban defectors on the team, and the team does not get as much media coverage as a team like the Mets or Yankees.

Prediction: Braves

38. Roger Clemens, Yankees

Roger Clemens faced some minor, but nagging injuries the whole season and I think he finally sees that he cannot keep going. If he comes back, he will probably only sign with the Yankees, Astros, or Dodgers.

Prediction: Retire

39. Geoff Jenkins, Brewers

Although the Tigers said they are not interested, I believe it is a creative negotiation plea to bring down his price as he looks for a job. Do not rule the Tigers out for Alexei Ramirez, or platooning Timo Perez in left field, but I see them bringing in Jenkins on a short term contract.

Prediction: Tigers

40. Tadahito Iguchi, Phillies

Iguchi was moved around this year but is hoping to find a starting spot with a team. He is very capable of being a starter somewhere and I see him going somewhere he is guaranteed that. Besides the Padres, the Astros seem like the most likely spot. They are looking for a solid upgrade, and Iguchi’s bat would definitely benefit the Astros at home. It looks like a perfect match.

Prediction: Astros