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Top 50 Free Agents: 41-50

41. Pedro Feliz, Giants

Although the Giants will go hard for Alex Rodriguez, I expect the Giants to resign him. He is very versatile and good with his glove. And if the Giants do sign Rodriguez, they could always shop Feliz.

Prediction: Giants

42. Paul Byrd, Indians

Despite the HGH speculation, I fully expect the Indians to bring him back. Eight million is a bargain these days especially for a durable veteran.

Prediction: Indians

43. Josh Fogg, Rockies

There will be interest in Fogg, and I think he is finally ready to cash in. He was very effective for the Rockies and I think teams will look for a two to three year deal. I do not think he is on the verge of being an All Star, but he can help out nonetheless.

Prediction: Mariners

44. Scott Linebrink, Brewers

Linebrink proved he was one of the best relievers in the game and will probably test the market for a short term deal. I expect the Phillies, who are desperate for pitching, to be all over him. He never really seemed connected to Milwaukee and could return to San Diego, or go to the weakened Tigers.

Prediction: Phillies

45. Kenny Rogers, Tigers

Many of you are surprised to see him this low, but Rogers can no longer be effective in the Majors. I think the Tigers will bring him back out of good will, and will use him sparingly, but he is better off retiring.

Prediction: Tigers

46. Marcus Giles, Padres

Giles really struggled this year with the Padres and will probably get another one year deal. I expect the Twins to be all over him because he will come at a cheap price, and has the ability to put up good numbers. Their infield is very weak right now, and could get him locked up quick and pursue other needs. Another option is the Rockies, but only if they cannot resign Kaz Matsui.

Prediction: Twins

47. David Riske, Royals

Riske will definitely be leaving the Royals and will go to the market. Since the Tigers lost Zumaya, their pen is very much depleted and I think the Tigers see how far Riske will go in terms of a solid bullpen.

Prediction: Tigers

48. Kaz Matsui, Rockies

Matsui’s career was revitalized in Colorado and I think he plans to stay, but at the right price.

Prediction: Rockies

49. Hitoki Iwase, Japan

The Red Sox will look to improve their bullpen and after the success of Okajima, it would not surprise me if they brought in one more Japanese pitcher to try it out. Iwase is considered one of the best in Japanese history, and would definitely benefit the Red Sox.

Prediction: Red Sox

50. Mike Lamb, Astros

Although there are other options, I expect the Rangers to take a chance on Lamb. He is a decent third baseman and would be more inclined to staying in Texas than going elsewhere. I think this is a good fit for both sides.

Prediction: Rangers

Honorable Mention

51. Kenshin Kawakami, Japan

Kawakami is a free agent and played for Hillman in Japan. The Royals are set to lose a couple free agents and he would be great to bring in and set up for the young relievers.

Prediction: Royals

52. Jason Jennings, Astros

The Rockies are already showing interest because of his success at Coors and because of their success, he might return at a reduced price.

Prediction: Rockies

53. Randy Wolf, Dodgers

Wolf is very injury prone but a team looking for a pitcher might take a chance on him. Mark Shapiro said they will look to improve pitching and I think instead of making a big splash, he might take a chance on him.

Prediction: Indians