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Twins Make Offer To Santana

The Twins have reportedly made an offer to Johan Santana for five years, worth 93 million dollars. That is 18.6 million dollars annually, more than Barry Zito and Carlos Zambrano, but he is 29, and probably deserves slightly bit more. Although he was 15-13 with a 3.33 ERA, he is 93-44 with a 3.22 ERA in eight years with the Twins, with two Cy Young's. He would probably get 20 million on the market for six or seven years, and is probably interested in going to a winning team, like the Red Sox. I think the Twins will trade him if he does not accept this offer because they are known for not countering in negotiations. The Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees seem to be the most intriguing, because they have so many prospects. But I would not rule out the Cardinals, who could offer Rick Ankiel, Adam Ottavino, Colby Rasmus, and maybe another prospect. I don't think the Cardinals plan on giving up Rasmus for a one year rental, especially because someone like Jon Garland is available. Another possibility is if they do not trade him now, and do not trade him at the deadline, they could just offer him arbitration and then wait to receive draft picks from whoever signs him. Bill Smith is new to being a General Manager, but has experience in the front office so I think he has a plan with Santana.