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White Sox To Trade Crede?

The White Sox are desperate to make upgrades, and it all begins with finding a center fielder. Although there have been reports suggesting they are seriously interested in Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand, it has been confirmed that the White Sox are interested in a Crede for Johnny Damon swap. With that trade, the Yankees acquire the third baseman they need while the White Sox solve one of their outfield positions, and clear the way for third base prospect Josh Fields. Don't rule the White Sox out of the running yet however. They could always move Damon to left and make a big offer to Hunter or Rowand. Another possibility is trading Jon Garland, who has one year worth 12 million dollars left on his contract. He has been so consistent and effective that past couple years that it will take a lot to acquire him, but no one is sure what they want in return for Garland. They could send him, cash, and a minor leaguer to the Angels and acquire Chone Figgins and maybe Ervin Santana. The Angels would get a proven pitcher to add to their already solid rotation while clearing a spot for Brandon Wood, if not Alex Rodriguez. While the White Sox would get a utility infielder that they could position at short, second, or even left field. They would also get a pitcher who probably needs a change of scenery and would benefit a switch to the South Side. Williams has no problem trading some of his best players, so things should get interesting this week.