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Will The Padres Trade Peavy?

Padres ace Jake Peavy has been very dominant over the past six seasons with the Padres. But, next year he will be making 6.5 million with an 11 million dollar option for 2009. If he continues to pitch like he has, he will have a big contract coming towards him. While starting pitching is at a minimum, will the Padres shop Peavy to see what they can get? If I were them, I would not. Although you could get several major league ready players and top prospects, Peavy is the kind of pitcher you build a team around. You have Kouzmanoff, Gonzalez, Greene, catching prospect Colt Morton, outfield prospect Cedric Hunter, and pitchers Chris Young, Jack Cassell, and Cesar Carrillo. Although trading Peavy could probably bring in Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, Michael Bowden, and another prospect, Peavy is 26, and can pitch successfully for another 15 years. Padres GM Kevin Towers told me "Nobody is untouchable if the right deal presents itself," so you cannot rule out a trade, but I expect the Padres to hold on to Peavy until he says he will test the market, or his numbers drop significantly.

Let me know, should the Padres trade Jake Peavy?