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Yankees to Release Pavano

One could argue the biggest mistake the Yankees made since 2000 was signing Carl Pavano to a four year contract worth 39.95 million dollars. Well the Yankees plan to put that behind them, and release Pavano sometime before the November 20th deadline so they can have a spot open on their forty-man roster. Some speculate that they will hold on to Pavano and let him get healthy before trading him. But that wouldn't make much sense because no one would trade for an eleven million dollar man who has gone 5-6 with a 4.77 ERA in four years. I assume they will drop him early to make room to protect Jeffery Marquez from the Rule V, especially because there are younger players who signed major league contracts who cannot be moved. If Pavano is released, I doubt there will not be interest. Why not dish out a invitation to Spring Training to this guy? He pitched in a World Series, he is now a veteran, and would cost next to nothing. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Cardinals or Marlins jump on him. The Marlins are careful where they spend their money and could do it to bring back a veteran arm. The Cardinals tried very hard to land Pavano four years ago and could do it again at a reduced price.