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All Is Quiet

I am surprised that the remaining pitchers have not started falling off the market, or that there have not been many trades by teams trying to fill minor spots. What is going on? Just last week the Red Sox were on the verge of acquiring Johan Santana. If we were to look at the free agent pool, there are still several players that could help a team. Armando Benitez, Livan Hernandez, Geoff Jenkins, Corey Patterson, even the scrappy Kenny Lofton is available. With the holidays fast approaching, teams should be making these moves. However, maybe we will see something similar to what happened around Thanksgiving when Torii Hunter, among others, signed.

Oh wait, this just in. Alex Rodriguez and his agent Scott Boras are no longer talking. How did this effect baseball? Maybe the next young studs in the 2008 Draft won't sign with him. I don't know. This time last year nearly everyone was signed, and teams began making those small trade to fill benches and other things like that.

So what is the problem this year? Maybe the players are demanding too much money. That would make sense, considering Carlos Silva is hoping for Ted Lilly money. He should be looking at Jason Marquis money. With trades, teams see the success is in building up your farm system so you have chemistry so teams are asking for dozens of solid prospects who should one day be starters in the MLB. That is why Erik Bedard, and probably Johan Santana won't be traded. Maybe this is the final day of boredom. Maybe the signings will begin tomorrow. Maybe Johan Santana will be traded tonight. It just seems that this off season has been somewhat of a bust, which has made me start counting down to Opening Day.