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Bennett Smart Signing By Dodgers

I'm sure many of you are questioning why I bring this up, but here me out. If you did not hear, the Dodgers sign Gary Bennett to a one year deal, worth 825,000 dollars. Bennett was previously the Cardinals back up and has been in the news recently because he was mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Nonetheless, it was a good move by the Dodgers. Bennett hit .252 with 2 HR and 17 RBI last season compared to former back up Mike Lieberthal's .234 average with 0 HR and 1 RBI in 77-at bats. Take not to that too because Bennett is making less than Lieberthal. Another interesting stat with Bennett is that he struck out just 16 times in 155 at-bats, so he is a viable pinch hit option as well. Bennett is known for having a good relationship with his pitchers which should make for an easy transition with a new coaching staff and team.