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Cardinals Shopping Edmonds?

Jim Edmonds has recently stated he is willing to waive his no trade close in a trade that would bring him closer to southern California. The Padres, Dodgers, and Giants are all looking for an outfielder, but has said that Andruw Jones is their number one before looking elsewhere. And why would anyone trade pitching for an aging outfielder whose numbers have been steadily declining for the past three seasons? They would have to dump him if they were that desperate to unload him. They are already looking to trade Scott Rolen, and it appears that they are eying Chris Capuano in return. Maybe the Cardinals would look into Esteban Loaiza. He pitched four seasons in the NL Central and it would give the Dodgers another outfielder, but probably not the one they are looking for. I see the Cardinals being unable to trade Edmonds this offseason. Their best chance is for him to start off strong and then trade him at the deadline.